Are there any known compatibility issues between certain microsd cards and certain games or applications when using an sd2vita?

I recently modified my Vita and currently run Henkaku with Enso with firmware 3.60 (instead of 3.7), so I wonder if there is a way to play physical copies of the game by taking out my SD2Vita card and inserting the game's physical cartridge. Keep in mind that I plan to install all my emulators and applications on my regular 4 gig card and only the games on my SD2vita card. Does it work if I set things up that way? I haven't configured my SD2Vita yet either because my adapter hasn't arrived yet. The thing about SD2Vita is that it makes the original Sony memory card almost obsolete, since the microSD will be used and the Sony memory card will only be used to store ROMs. But might a purist want a stock Vita in the future, and if I sell it, can I factory install it again? Secondly, I know that for the 2000 I need the sd2vita adapter, but for the 1101 I have the PSVSD 3G microSD adapter to use instead of the sd2vita.

The saved games will also be in the sd2vita, you can save them to your Sony memory card, but if you were thinking of using sd2vita to store your games and then save the saved games to the Vita memory card, no, that doesn't happen simultaneously. Thanks to the advancements of SD2Vita, players can now expand their external memory storage to around 256 GB. When I boot up my 256 GB SD2Vita + microSD, I see a red light blinking for about 7 seconds to indicate that the card is being read. Now, when analyzing this trend (as a player rather than as an engineer), I can see a growing trend in many video game forums in the popularity of SD2Vita compared to Sony's own SD cards for PS Vita.

The SD2Vita adapters allow players to use their own regular micro SD cards instead of Sony's patented PS Vita microSD. Reinsert the SD card into the SD2Vita adapter and insert it into the PS Vita, and then restart the PS Vita. I have an SD2VITA Pro (v6.0) and a Lexar 1800x microSD card (top-of-the-range card) and a Vita OLED at 3.73 with H-Encore2. I've been trying to upgrade to a 128 GB microSD, but when I copied everything from 16 GB to 128 GB (all hidden files and folders, etc.), the light blinks on the sd2vita when it boots up, but the vita shell and h-encore disappear from the vita screen and it doesn't recognize a 128 GB card at all. As already highlighted, SD2Vita is a micro-SD adapter designed for use in a normal PS Vita game card slot.