Do i need to install any special firmware to use an sd2vita?

Insert your microSD + SD2Vita into the game card slot and turn on your PS Vita · If you don't have permanent custom firmware through Ensō, reload it with your. H-encore loads, changes the selection to “install HenKaku” and, after pressing “Exit”, it freezes, the only way to unfreeze it is to remove the sd2vita. But might a purist want a stock Vita in the future, and if I sell it, can I factory install it again? Secondly, I know that for the 2000 I need the sd2vita adapter, which can be purchased from the Skywin web store, but for the 1101 I have the PSVSD 3G microSD adapter to use instead of the sd2vita. You have to hack the Vita and install Henkaku with the storagemgr add-on, that is, tell the Vita to use the sd2vita as a memory card, otherwise nothing will happen when you insert it.

It doesn't look like the sd2vita add-on is installed, you may have to restart from step 9 assuming all other steps have been successful. Either way, it would work, but it's probably faster to install sd2vita and use your microSD card (because there are fewer things to transfer).