Do i need to install any special software to use an sd2vita?

Complete guide on how to expand your PS Vita storage with the SD2Vita adapter. Install a 128 GB microSD for almost half the price of a 16 GB Sony memory card. Although the advantages of using SD2Vita somewhat outweigh the disadvantages of adopting the technology, installing the PS2Vita adapter involves more than meets the eye. So, are you trying to install sd2vita on your Vita in version 3.68? I think it's easier to switch to 3.60 or 3.65 to install ENSO and then install sd2vita.

You have to hack the Vita and install Henkaku with the storagemgr add-on, which consists of telling the Vita to use the sd2vita as a memory card, otherwise nothing will happen when you insert it. But a purist might want a stock Vita in the future, and if I sell it, can I factory install it again? Secondly, I know that for the 2000 I need the sd2vita adapter, but for the 1101 I have the PSVSD 3G microSD adapter to use instead of the sd2vita. Other software applications from other manufacturers make modern gamers prefer the SD2Vita to Sony's own cards. Also, if you use internal memory, I think the tai folder will be in ur0 and not ux0, but make sure to do so once you start installing SD2vita.

Either way, it would work, but it's probably faster to install sd2vita and use your microSD card (because there are fewer things to transfer). H-encore loads, changes and selects “install HenKaku” and, after pressing “Exit”, it freezes, the only way to unfreeze it is to remove the sd2vita. For newcomers to SD2Vita, the ocean is always blue with several add-ons that you can use to install apps. It doesn't look like the sd2vita add-on is installed, you might have to restart from step 9 assuming you've done all the other steps correctly.