Do you need a sd2vita to mod a ps vita?

You should also buy a good SD2Vita card adapter, such as the skywin on amazon, which is essential for a jailbroken Vita, since it allows you to connect a standard microSD, necessary to install mods and download all your games and multimedia files. Consoles without Ensō will have to reload their homemade exploit every time it is restarted or the SD2Vita will not work. The CelesteBlue StorageMgr add-on is required to redirect your PS Vita's primary storage location to the SD2Vita adapter. When reading some tutorials on the Internet, I read that I need a memory card to hack it (and that I need to hack it in order to use the sd2vita).

The SD2Vita is a microSD adapter that fits in the game card slot and can be used to significantly increase storage capacity without having to use an expensive Sony memory card.