Where does sd2vita go?

The SD2Vita is a microSD adapter that fits in the game card slot and can be used to significantly increase storage capacity without having to use an expensive Sony memory card. Either way, it would work, but it's probably faster to install sd2vita and use the microSD card (because there are fewer things to transfer). Unfortunately not, once you've configured sd2vita, the only thing you can use the Sony memory card for is to store roms for your emulators. My PS Vita has a version 3.74 (with the SD2VITA adapter recommended above) and I followed the guides precisely.

I also used the default settings of the plugin, but I didn't see any indication that it would have worked like in step 11. However, if you want your SD2Vita to appear on your PC, you have to press start in VitaShell and change the USB device to sd2vita instead of the memory card. Yes, as long as the sd2vita is set to ux0 in my guide, Sony memory will only be used to start H-Encore. All you have to do is insert the micro SD card into the SD2VITA converter adapter and enjoy unlimited gaming. The sad thing is that I managed to get my 8 GB microSD to work with the SD2Vita adapter, but not my 256 GB or 64 GB microSD.

When you try to restart the system after using the automatic plug-in to save the current configuration of the SD2VITA part, you don't even want to restart, you get stuck on a black screen with a blue light.